Digital strategy

Developing digital media strategy models

Clients are different. Objectives are vast (although we so often get told: awareness, increased interactivity, reach…etc, etc.)

Here is a model that may be able to assist you in your approach to your digital media strategy:

Building your digital Brand presence is a continual process. It typically starts with

  1. Web presence: your website. Your domain. Your tone. Your image.
  2. It extends into a social media presence. Your Facebook page, your Twitter handle and the comments you make and connections you build.
  3. Of course, in South Africa, you could not limit yourself to the web only – mobile accessability is critical. How does your web presence translate into the mobile space?
  4. And when they search for you, or topics related to your line of business, be sure that they find you… Be where the qualified lead awaits.
  5. And all the while, track your methods… Track your conversions. What is the real investment? And how are you benefiting from it?
  6. Consider all your properties where you could promote your digital presence: packaging, insert leaflets, traditional creative, PR, etc.
  7. Protect your databases and be sure to have a clear and respectful CRM plan. Don’t spam!
  8. Wherever you can, drive awareness of your presence through PR, buzz, etc. If the content is great, it may just turn viral… And others become a medium for you…

Measure each element based on the following key criteria:

a) Does it align well with your strategic objectives?
b) What is the user’s experience?
c) How relevant is it to the user, customer, target?
d) What is the Return on the Investment?

Another model I find very useful when it comes to prioritizing digital media budget:

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