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What to say about Jo?

I first met with Joanne in November 2011, with the objective of bringing her on board to assist me in taking the digital vision in my head and crafting it into a realistic, lucrative and achievable digital strategy, or blueprint if you like, for the birth of Global Mouse’s digital division.

At the time I had at least five very lucrative resumes in my grubby paws, but none of them spoke to me like Jo’s did; “this lady”, I said to our CEO, Glen Roering, “shouts entrepreneurial spirit and straight talk and I can just feel that she’s going to fit our company culture”. Two weeks later, we met.

The rest as they say is history!

The journey that Jo and I embarked on, together with various other members of the Global Mouse team and clients has been enlightening, tough at times, but most of all easy going and truly rewarding.

Not only do we have our digital strategy under our belts, but Jo has introduced us to some of the best players and specialists in the business, some of whom we are already working with on exciting new key projects. “Soort soek soort” Jo once said to me, and a truer phrase, there just isn’t!

In addition, Jo put me in touch with a young and talented digital innovator who joins us in August, to put our digital division on the map. We are so looking forward to embarking on this next growth phase!

It is however the quality person that Jo is, that has resulted in her ‘immersion’ into the Global Mouse fray, not just as a consultant around a strategy, but has also led to key insight training for all of our staff and to incredible value add to our business, which in turn, we can start to offer our clients.

Jo has fast become a friend of Global Mouse and will going forward, I believe, always be part of our digital DNA!

Sara Steenkamp
Managing Director

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