Who we are

Founder: Joanne Scholtz

Joanne has been in Digital Media and Marketing for over 20 years. Her experience spans across numerous digital disciplines and brands. From Marketing Specialist on Microsoft’s online brands in the year 2000, to being Online Media Director at DRAFTfcb driving digital media for brands such as Toyota, FNB and Vodacom. She has driven digital for FMCG brands at Unilever South Africa as well as Nokia in Sub-saharan Africa.

Joanne is also a qualified Life, Executive Business and Leadership coach as well as an NLP practitioner.



Our Values

Integrity: During our time consulting to your firm and beyond we are trusted with key information.
Creativity: Problem solving, new ideas, new approaches, in our solutions, in our process, in life.
Integration:  Overall marketing, customer journey, strategic business plan, team, media.
Collaborate:   Business, divisions, existing and future suppliers, business partners, media owners.
Sustainability: Transfer skills, blue print development and delivery depending on scope of task.
Flexibility: Bespoke solutions.

Our Approach

• Personal Leadership
• Coaching
• Exploring needs rather than one size fits all
• Simplified
• Six HAT Thinking / Six Sigma
• Experimentation
• Transfer Skills
• Network of Implementation partners
    • Outsource
    • Project Management

What our clients say about us

Global Mouse

Not only do we have our digital strategy under our belts, but Jo has introduced us to some of the best players and specialists in the business, some of whom we are already working with on exciting new key projects. “Soort soek soort” Jo once said to me, and a truer phrase, there just isn’t!

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